The clubhouse model is a well-tested, evidence-based recovery model

  • This model demonstrates that people who are afflicted with mental illness can have their symptoms improve and live productive lives working in the community.
  • The participants are called members, not patients, and the focus is on their strengths, not their illness. 
  • Work in the clubhouse—whether it is custodial, clerical, meal preparation or reaching out to their fellow members—provides the core healing process. 

Every opportunity provided is the result of the efforts of the members and small staff, who work side by side in a unique partnership.

  • The Clubhouse follows a set of standard guidelines (37), developed by Clubhouse International that fosters a particular environment that is welcoming and helpful.
  • Club Fellowship is a member of the Florida Clubhouse Coalition and Clubhouse International
  • Since September 2013, Club Fellowship has been accredited by Clubhouse International, the international body that oversees quality of Clubhouse services worldwide